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Sea-Crop concentrate is comprised of many soil supplements. It contains over 80 natural source minerals and active organic substances from deep sea Pacific Ocean water that can assist with growing an organic garden. Whether you use organic fertilizer or not, it will help the plants utilize the matter in the soil more effectively.

The rivers of the world dump billions of tons of minerals into the oceans each year and have for eons. Seafloor springs and volcanic eruptions have also added billions of tons of elements. Additionally seawater is a soup of active organic substances.

Many gallons of seawater are processed to produce a single gallon of Sea-Crop.

FAQ (Freqently Asked Questions):

Q. What is Sea-Crop?

A. Sea-Crop is a natural source balanced formula from ocean water that has all the natural elements known to man. It develops healthy and energetic plants.

Q. Is Sea-Crop a fertilizer?

A. No, Sea-Crop is not a fertilizer but does have many of the nutritive elements that are in many commercial fertilizers. Sea-Crop is a natural liquid soil amendment that works in all plant applications. It is the active organic substances it contains, working together with all those trace elements that make it so effective.

Q. Would Sea-Crop still improve yield if I use leading biological products?

A. Yes! The microbes in the soil are reduced by tillage and pesticide applications. Biological products are useful and are applied to increase micro-organism populations that work to provide a healthier soil environment in which the plant can grow for the plant to be healthy and maximize its fruit or seed bearing potential.

Q. Is Sea-Crop approved for use in organic farming?

A. Yes, Sea-Crop has been approved by the Washington State Department of Agriculture as being in compliance with the United States Department of Agriculture's National Organic Program and is approved for use in certified organic operations. Sea-Crop has also been approved by Oregon Tilth for use in certified organic farming.

Q. Can Sea-Crop be used for animals?

A. Yes, Sea-Crop has been approved as meeting the FDA requirements for use as a mineral supplement in animal nutrition. The recommended rate is .04 millilitres per kilogram of body weight per day added to the drinking water.

Personal Testimonial

We had two dwarf cedar trees that were turning brown and loosing their foliage. Anyone who saw them was convinced they would die. The following spring, I applied Sea-Crop to the ground inside the drip-line and the browning of the foliage stopped. Now two years later they are green and doing very well.This product is beneficial, whether you are using it for animals or want it as a soil supplement for growing an organic garden.

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